The Impossible Whopper Review: Impossibly Delicious!

Time to take the blog to a whole new level. I’m going to try something new and take a shot at writing about food. That’s right. I usually write about tech, vacations, personal stuff, but now I’m going to put on a “disguise” and take my shots at becoming a food blogger. Get ready!

So, the company that I write for, Digital Trends, picked the “Impossible Burger 2.0” as the best tech of CES 2019. While I wasn’t on the ground there in Vegas to try it, there was a later chance for me to bite in on my own. Eventually, a few months after CES, we had a company meeting and lunch was on the menu for the day. There were a lot of options, but I opted to order the Impossible Burger. It tasted very good, and I really liked it, but, at the time, I didn’t think about reviewing it!

Well, fast forward about 9 months or so, and Burger King partnered with the same company that makes the Impossible Burger — except it is now called the Impossible Whopper. I was quite excited when I found out that my local BK had the Impossible Whopper in stock. After trying a similar plant-based burger at Dodgers Stadium, I was interested in seeing what the Impossible Whooper hype is all about. Could it come close?

I really liked the packaging

I ordered it, and it was $13 for two burgers. Alright, that’s expensive compared to the Fish Filet, but I had the feeling it would be worth it. The cashier asked me if I wanted it broiled on the same grill as the beef patties, but I declined. Gotta keep it all vegetarian, after all. It was ready in less than 5 mins.

I also must note that the burger is made of plant-based materials. That includes soy protein concentrate, coconut and sunflower oil and other stuff. If you’re keeping count, that adds up to 630 calories — counting the tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup, pickles, sliced white onions.

So, I came home and took the Impossible Whopper out of its package. I’m one for good packaging, and I really liked it. Light blue, it shows that this burger is different, and something that’s quite different from the rest of the BK lineup. There’s also some promotions for BK’s Twitter on the bag, which I found funny.

Once I unwrapped, I took a bite. The sesame buns were dry, as is typical for Burger King, but my taste buds right away picked up on the patty. It had the same consistency and rough texture of beef, but was a bit more dry in the mouth. The color was also lighter than regular beef. There was no cheese or Mayo on my burger though, so when I took a bite, it wasn’t exactly a melt in your mouth kind of experience.

The Impossible Whopper

Instead, the Impossible Whopper patty felt the same dry way as the bun, and dry against the wet salad on top. It wasn’t exactly something new. It sort of had the feel of a Subway Veggie Patty, but less wet, and more crisp and harder to chew on —- like real beef that’s thoroughly cooked.

Sadly, I forgot to tell the cashier NOT to put tomatoes on the burger. So, the tomatoes and onions were starting to run water on the patty. The pickles added a nice mix of flavor and made it more sour. Overall, made the burger feel like something I’d typically make on my own grill at home. It really added to the consistency of real beef.

Close up of the Impossible Whopper

Other than that, I ate right through the burger in less than 5 minutes. I picked up the second one, and it was the same. I had the same thoughts the second time around. I just wished that BK used a different patty on the burger — like what they use with the Fish Fillet.

Overall, though, the Impossible Whopper is a nice burger for vegetarians. 8/10. Will buy again.

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2 thoughts on “The Impossible Whopper Review: Impossibly Delicious!

  1. I tried the impossible at a hipster diner in LA and I paid almost $20 for it (fries were included). It’s nice to know that BK sells it way cheaper, so it doesn’t hurt the wallet much. I think you should continue writing about food. You did a great job!


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